Wellness Rates


Aroma oil massage
A wonderful treat for body and soul
(ca. 30 minutes)(ca. 60 minutes) EUR 35.-EUR 59,-
Hot stone therapy
Deep relaxation with hot stones
(ca. 45 minutes) EUR 48.-
Lomi Lomi massage
Traditional Hawaiian massage
(ca. 60 minutes)(ca. 90 minutes) EUR 59.- EUR 83,-
Brush massage
Skin firming connective tissue massage
(ca. 30 minutes) EUR 35.-
Silk glove massage (Gashana)
Stimulating and improving blood circulation
(ca. 30 minutes) EUR 35.-
Salt & Lime massage
Refreshing treatment incl. resting time
(ca. 60 minutes) EUR 59.-
Head and face massage
(ca. 30 minutes) EUR 35.-
Gemstone Massage
To balance the the energy
(ca. 45 minutes) EUR 45.-
Herbal stamp massage
Natural power from herbs
(ca. 30 minutes) EUR 39.-
Relaxing facial treatment for smooth and fresh skin
(ca. 30 minutes) EUR 35.-
Shiatsu massage 
Massage of the main reflex zones in the area of décolleté, neck - face - head.
(ca. 30 minutes) EUR 35,-
Children’s massage
A fairy-tale hour with integrated massage
(ca. 30 minutes) EUR 35.-
Signing bowl massage
Experience the soothing vibrations on your body. Very relaxing and suitable for stress reduction
(ca. 40 minutes) EUR 42.-
Tuina therapy
A two-thousand-year old Chinese form of therapy used in conjunction with acupuncture
(ca. 45 minutes) EUR 49.-

Medical applications

Partial massage
Back or legs
(ca. 20 minutes) EUR 25.-
Full body massage
Releases tension, stimulates blood circulation
(ca. 45 minutes) EUR 45.-
Anti-stress massage
Let yourself be pampered
(ca. 30 minutes) EUR 35.-
Acupuncture massage after Penzel
Regulation of energy flow
(ca. 30 minutes) EUR 35.-
Migraine massage
Releases tension and opens blocked areas, soothing and relaxing
(ca. 30 minutes) EUR 35.-
Medical lymphatic drainage
Purifying and relaxing
(ca. 30 minutes) EUR 35.-
Subject to change without notice    

Beauty Packages

Beautiful & Fit
Small cosmetic treatment and relaxing back massage
(Duration 60 minutes) EUR 69.-
Cosmetic lymphatic draining
Relax and purify yourself
(Duration 30 minutes) EUR 35.-
Fresh & Pure
Face peeling and individual facemask. Short head massage or ampoule’s treatment
(Duration 45 minutes) EUR 55.-
Facial treatment
Cleaning, peeling, steaming, active component ampulla, eye pack, ampoule’s treatment, face-neck-décolleté massage, eyebrow shaping, day cream
(Duration 60 minutes) EUR 79.-
Beauty day
Cleaning, face peeling and individual facemask, foot massage, shiatsu head massage, aromatherapy oil massage
(Duration ca. 2,5 hours.) EUR  159.-
More Individual applications are available directly at the beautician.
Subject to change without notice

Massage und Peeling

Enjoy this boon and after that relax in the steam bath
For example
Coffee dream
Stimulating and promoting blood circulation


Summer wind
Refreshing and vitalizing

Also available as treatment for couples
(Duration 60 minutes) EUR 89.-
per person


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