Wild and romantic Steinklamm

In the south of the traditional glassmaking village Spiegelau, not far from the confluence of the Große Ohe and the Schwarzach, is situated the main starting point for unique hiking tours through a wild and romantic Steinklamm.

An enchanting nature offers the visitor the roaring waters of the Große Ohe, mossy stones in deep green water and the fascination of a deep canyon with unique flora.

Already in 1868 the geologist Wilhelm von Gümbel named the Steinklamm together with the Buchberger Leite in Freyung as the "the most spectacular singularity" of the Bavarian Forest. The impressive ravine owes its formation to the height difference in the landscape, through which the water has to overcome at a short distance.

Up to 100m deep ravine beget the diverse forms of fluvial erosion, such as smoothing, gutters and scour as well as up to 2 meters deep, but usually sediment-filled potholes, formed by power of water, which with the flowing off melt waters reached its highest peak at the end of last ice age.