Guided tours in the National Park

In addition to our own hiking tours, the National Park offers guided tours as well. The specially trained forest guides and National Park rangers offer a wide variety of tours. For example: jungle tours, journey through time, children's adventure, guides where participants learn to identify birds by their call and many other nature learning guides.

Phone number for National Park guided tour: 0700 / 00 77 66 55

More information:

In addition to the official representative, there are also some private providers who have very good offers of guides in the National Park:

The PRO-National Park- Groups
offer extensive guided tours in the National Park; for more information:

WaldZeit e. V.,
an alliance of longstanding National Park Forest guides, supplements the training offer provided by the National Park Authority. They range from company outings to hut hiking in the wilderness or family and photo weeks.
For more information or program, please make an inquiry under Phone/Fax: 0 85 53 / 92 06 52.

Other guided tours in the National Park are offered in the tourist information of National Park communities, which are guided by National Park Forest guides.

Tourist-Info Spiegelau,
Phone: 0 85 53 / 96 00 17
Adventure tours, torchlight hikes