Bavarian Forest National Park

The National Park Bavarian Forest is the oldest national park of Germany and was founded in 1970 on the initiative of Professor Grzimek.

In 1997 the National Park has been further extended and now covers an area of 24,000 hectares and is thus the largest National Park of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Together with the adjacent Sumava National Park (Czech Republic), it forms the largest protected forest area in Central Europe with many rare animal species such as the capercaillie, black grouse or lynx.

The motto is "Let nature be nature" and the purpose is to grow and develop a unique landscape of primeval forest, a true “wilderness” in central Europe. Here you can learn about the vitality and adaptability of nature as well as about the originality of the nature.

Experience the forest wilderness of the Bavarian Forest National Park at first hand.

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