Our Beer menu

Rustic and palatable are the beers of the Bavarian Forest. Enjoy the specialties of the small brewery Stangl from Klingenbrunn. This is a small family brewery where beer is still produced in a traditional way.

Friedrich Nietzsche knew and appreciated this, he raved about the local brewing industry and the nature beauty to his sister in letters, which he wrote during his visit to the Bavarian Forest.

We offer the following beer specialities of the brewery Stangl

  • fine Pilsner in the gourmet bottle
    light-hopped beer enjoyment
  • palatable Urhell from the barrel
    a beer for everyone occasion
  • Spezial-Bier for connoisseurs
    a special type of export beer
  • classic Panduren-dark from the barrel
    a beer from the "good old days" - as a Radler (a 50:50 mixture of beer and sparkling lemonade) very refreshing
  • traditional Festbock
    tastes not only in fastening time