Eat and drink

Food and drinks keep body and soul together!

After a warm "Good morning" a super breakfast buffet with homemade sausages and ham, Bavarian sausages, bacon, delicious cheeses, etc. await you.

You will find low calorie delicacies, as well as fruits, fruit salad, many different juices, muesli, cereal, organic yogurt and local dairy products, rolls and special bread and delicious (homemade) jams, honey, cakes and pastries at Vital buffet. For a change, you will also sometimes find sparkling wine, or hearty white sausage and egg dishes. You will also find your personal "Good Morning Tea" at our tea bar.

In the evening we invite you to our menu. You can daily pick up fresh, delicious vitamin bombs from our large salad buffet. Then we serve soup or a small starter. You can choose from several (also vegetarian) dishes for the main course. Enjoy a delicious dessert or use our dessert buffet for sweet final.

Depending on the week, we offer our guests an enticing starter buffet or a hearty Bavarian buffet with hot and cold delicacies. We also make theme buffets, gala dinner or hut evenings with Reindl food or barbecues on special occasions.

We order the varied range of beverages directly at our delicacy brewery "Zum Ludwigstein" with many palatable Bavarian types of beer - as the "Panduren Dunkel" or a top-fermented "Special". Of course we serve also delicious wine for your meal.

Our hundred-year tradition encourages us to improve continually. Our chef Nikolaus Grobauer refines traditional Bavarian cuisine with a certain art. Experience a delicious meal that comes together from good fresh products and good spices.

We will be happy to prepare dishes, which will delight your palate.

Let us spoil you.

Your Nikolaus Grobauer with a kitchen team!